RVF400R Fuel Injection

20130820 Summary

This had been on my radar for the last 5 years and is what me initially into firmware programming for MCU's.  But then I got good enough to do commercial firmware for embedded webservers in Microchip PIC32MX platform so this project never got any traction.

But that revenue stream has dried up for now so I have some spare time projected from 201311 onwards.

So time to revisit this project

When I first investigated this I expected I would be writing the functionality to process timing signals and move my way up from there.  But time & technology have moved on and I will initially persue the approach taken by http://www.open5xxxecu.org/ project with this board:

TRK-MPC5634M: MPC563xM StarterTRAK (Development Kit)


So I have this board but right now I have some urgent investment property work to do, and then a trip to South America so this project will have to wait till after that is all over with.