RVF400 NiceCycle.com Fairings

On the 31 August 2009 we ordered a set of RVF400 replacement fairings from www.nicecycle.com.

There isn't much feedback on these on the interweb so heres a mini review which we will complete over the next couple of weeks.

Naturally we a bit wary but they say their quality is so good you can't tell them apart from the original fairings.  They dis other & ebay sellers as being poor fit and quality.  But lets be honest they are more expensive so they'd better be good after all their boasting.

We paid US$740.05 (we had a coupon code) including freight. We ordered the standard RVF400 set:


What they promise:

  1. Quality of customer service.
  2. Quality of fit
  3. Quality of paint
  4. Quality of plastic with raw ABS imported from Japan.


Customer Service:

31/08/2009 Ordering was web based and we paid by credit card.  A confirmation email was received but no indication of when the order would ship was received.  Our credit card was billed the day we ordered.

17 Days later we wondered how our order was going so we sent an email request for an update.  Well it turned out it had shipped already and was nearly here.  There was no email or contact from NiceCycle to let us know it was on it's way or the tracking number so that was very poor customer service.

The package arrived no problem.and all in all only 2.5 weeks after ordering.



Was excellent, each piece individually foam sheet wrapped, and any loose space in the single large box was filled with extra foam sheet.  There appeared to be little opportunity for pieces to move or rub against each other.


Quality of Fit




Quality of Paint




Quality of Plastic