Radar Detectors

Time to upgrade the BEL STI Driver on the ZX14..

Options (Only consider those that can't be seen by RDD)

Remember: BEL is a subsidary of Escort

2006 BEL STI is the initial M3 platform detector

2006 BEL STI Driver (Dash)

2007 Escort 9500i (Dash)

- GPS etc

2008 Escort 9500CI (Remote)

- 9500 functionality on M3 platform

- 3 laser jammer heads as well

- Not an M3 platform but reputed to be not so visible to RDD

2009 BEL STI-R (Remote)

- Ability to selectively disable segments of the KA band for localisation

2009 Escort Redline (Dash)

2011 BEL STI-R Plus (Remote)

2011 BEL STI Magnum (Dash)