Kawasaki ZX10R

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I don't own one of these but did a couple of interesting projects detailed here all to allow a 2008 E ZX10R Race ECU to be used on the road on a 2006 D ZX10R.

  • Modify 2008 ZX10R Race ECU Sub loom to allow 2008 Race ECU to be used on 2006 ZX10R
  • Additional mini dash to 2006 ZX10R to show throttle % & O2 sensors readings
  • Additional black box to pickup temp sensor and switch fan relay as needed (as 2008 Race ECU doesn't do this)

Nokia 5110 WorkingZX10R Throttle O2 Logger Comp and displayZX10R Throttle O2 logger display



ZX10R 2006?: Injectors part no's: eat286 28605x8, flow tested after cleaning at 37ml / 5s =444cc/min

My cycle part no: 49033-0010

ZX10R 2008: Secondary injector Mrcycle part no: 49033-0017, main 49033-0011


2006 ZX14: 49033-0010

2008 ZX14: 49033-0011