EFI / ECU random notes


Suzuki Quad LTR450 has external pump..


FP601 inline 125l/h at 3bar (max 7 bar) GSL393 160LPH $109.99



GSL393 160LPH $109.99  http://www.inlinefuelpumps.com/   http://www.inlinefuelpumps.com/images/gsl393-psi.jpg

" The  2008 Honda TRX680FGA looks like it has an external pump and is $108.."

"I pulled an injector out of set of TB's for cbr600rr I have. These have 2 sets of injectors, this one is the main injector and then there is a shower injector above the velocity stacks. I hoping these are a lower flow rate, can't find any data on them though. Denso 5k7 4 on one side and 0600 531 07 on the other. If any one knows anything about these, let me know. As soon as I locate my calipers I will take some measurements."


http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=417178: (Hmm, I checked and the F650 doesnt have external pump, only external combined filter/regulator


I just found out that the F650 has a nice and small external fuel pump. Seems to deliver 150l/h so think I'll try to find the Bosch part # and use it instead of the TRX

..fuel pump from a KTM 690..

 Bosch P/N F1ZE-84C (9F593) rated at 19lbs.

Set of 3 used Bosch injectors. Part No on injector 0280155764
Vaux Corsa 1.0 12v. Flowing around 120cc@3bar pressure. 15.4 Ohm







Honda injectors for 50cc Dio Z4  part number: 16450-GEV-761


06 CBR600R bodies are 2 x 2 bolted together..

"Ford Festiva injectors which are pretty much the smallest I've found easily at 120cc.."


RC Fuel Injectors 155cc Peak and Hold - (Low Resistance - 2.5ohms / Measured at 43 psig
Part #: PL15


http://southbayfuelinjectors.com/ - can refurbish, can they resize pintles?


Ford Fiesta:

1.1i Engine Code: BL11CFI, 1.3 BL13CGI

Daihatsu Terios: 1.3i HCEJ, Sirion 1.0i EJVE

Ford KA 1.3i (2003 ish) Duratec or Endura E (older)

BMW have 155cc/min in

  • 1996-98 840ci

  • 1994-95 530i-3.0 V-8

  • 1991-94 318i, 318is

  • 1985 318i 1766cc L-Jet

  • 1988 325e

  • 1988 528e

  • 1985-87 635CSi

  • 1985-93 535i

  • 1985-92 735i

  • 1988-92 735iL

  • 1987 L6, L7

  • 1992-98 740i, 740iL

  • 1992-98 540i

  • http://reviews.ebay.com/FUEL-INJECTOR-INFORMATION-HIGH-LOW-IMPEDANCE-NOZZLES_W0QQugidZ10000000005609924


    Injector Lb/Hr Max V8 HP HP supported by 1 injector Ford Color*
    14 Lb/Hr 228 28.56 Gray
    19 Lb/Hr 310 38.76 Orange
    24 Lb/Hr 391 48.96 Lt Blue
    30 Lb/Hr 490 61.19 Red
    36 Lb/Hr 587 73.44 Dk Blue
    42 Lb/Hr 685 85.68 Lt Green
    60 Lb/Hr 800 100  
    *Colors are only constant for Ford Racing Performance Parts brand name injectors.


    Honda Sh125i, PS125i, LEAD 110,

    2009 CBF 125 EFI & Honda Stunner 125 in India

    2009 Honda VTR250 in Europe EFI?

    Yamaha Zuma 125