Bikes I used to own

Bikes I used to own.. in a vague loose chronological order of reverse LIFO..

Unless otherwise stated, photos are of the actual bike I used to have


Owned 201604-201909

2015 ZX14R Ohlins Edition

  • Slipons
  • Genmar risers for comfort (new sets as special edition fork tops wider than 2012 ZX14R)
  • Usual Buell pegs for comfort
  • Hugger
  • Radiator Guard
  • Radar mount
  • Tail Tidy

 Sample pic

Owned 201308-201908

2011 Yamaha CV50AY Jog (Sample pic)

201711-201905: 2015 BMW C600 Superscooter


Owned 2014 - 201904

2011 Kymco Ego 250 (Bet & Win 250) (Sample Pic)


Owned 2001-2018

1990 Honda NS1 50cc

This thing was a blast

Owned 201501-2018

2008 Gilera Fuoco (Sample pic)


Owned 2004-2014

1992-1995 RVF400 NC35 (3 bikes) in various states of disassembly


Owned 2006-????

2004? Suzuki SJ125T Epicuro Scooter (sample pic)


Owned 2015-2016

2013 ZX14R

Sold this and bought a new black one, was just toooo goddam green for me.

Owned 201311-201503

2012 CBR1000RR


Owned 2004-????

2003 Honda CB1300

Owned 2008-201412

2006 Kawasaki ZX14 (ZZR1400)

  • Traction Dynamics Front Fork internals
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • DNA filter
  • Power Commander
  • Yoshi full stainless system, but was so damn loud so stuck a 03 R1 can on instead.. (n now it's so damn quiet.  So, getting the yoshi can repacked and we'll try that again..), Yoshi back on now..
  • Tail Tidy
  • Bar risers
  • Buell Ulysses foot pegs (lower than stock)


Owned ????

2000 Suzuki AN125 Scooter


Owned 2002-2009

2002 GS1200SS

Owned 2004-2007


1989 Yamaha FZR1000 (First Exup model, raced in Pre 89 post classics class, my only race win was on this)


Owned 2003-2006

198? Honda VFR400 NC30 (Race)

I rode this for an hour or so around the Manfield track, then sold it to an American whose girlfriend told me it expired first time out in the states..


Owned 2000-2007

1988 Yamaha XJR1200


Owned 2000-2006

1999 Suzuki TRS50 StreetMagic 50cc


Owned 2001-2002

2000 Suzuki SV650


1999-2000: 1987 Honda VFR750, yes a second one, first bike in my 'back to biking' stage



1995 Vespa PX200E (Sample)


Owned 1989-1995

1988 Yamaha RD350F2


Owned 1988-1990

198? Yamaha TT600


Owned 1988-1990

198? Honda Lead 125 Scooter (Sample photo)


Owned 1987-1988

1987 Yamaha FZR1000 (Pre Exup, written off by my brother) (Sample photo)


Owned 1988 maybe

198? Suzuki Stardust 50cc (Scooter)


Owned 1986-1988 maybe

1986 Honda VFR750 (Purchased new) (Sample photo but scanned from my original brochure)

Why did they only sell the pearl white model in NZ? (I mean, white wheels, do I have to clean it?)

A pretty capable bike although I washed the front out once in slight unmarked road works for a tumble, and again almost lost the front in an emergency lockup after a car pulled out in front of me.  I always ran the pirellies that were stock at the time and in the wet it was awesome.

I only sold this after I had the 88 FZR1000 as after that this was standing still..


Owned around 1986 maybe

198? Honda VT250FE (purchased new when I was nought but a spotty faced kid)

Other than the bold lettering a very pretty 250.  Topped out at 140kph though.


Owned in 1985 maybe

198? Honda MVX250 (written off by me)

Hey, that top cylinder only seized once.  In the end I had the 2 stroke feed turned up so high, I carried a spare set of spark plugs in my jacket for when the ones in the bike oiled up, and most every day after work I had to use them.


Owned in 1986?

197? Suzuki GT380.  Yeah, well thnis bike was before my time, so I never appreciated it.  I thought it was a bit of a pig.  I swapped a casio computer for it and sold it not much later.

197? Suzuki A100.  Yeah I was a pretty crap mechanic in those days and this was a wreck when I got hold of it.

197? Yamaha AG100.  Well as a kid I lived with a few different families and the mighty AG100 was a common denominator for a few.

(Thanks to the people who fostered me though, sorry I was such a lying stealing difficult little bastard.  I got better).

The nail box on the rear is very practical but it always managed to catch you when you crashed at speed (~25kph). .

The particular bike below I even managed to roll over myself into the creek, ripping a hole in my clothes and my back on the way.  I cried.  (Yeah I'm a pussy on the inside).

But damn, look at the way it powers throught that sand.

197? Kawasaki 75cc Mountain Goat (OK, now this is when I really was a spotty faced kid, hell it was probably pre spots)

Yeah this family had an XL175 as well (but I only got to ride that one christmas).

Others? Who can remember eh.  Prior to that it as all horses (yes the 4 legged kind).

Aww Rishonna how I lived thee ya vicious biting devil spawn.  You set me up at Elsthorpe gymkhana didn't ya.  Well, a saddle would'a helped too I suppose.

Look. it's my little pony.  (Goddamn my head was enormous)

Hmmmm, I had such a crush on the blue Christine