2008 ZX10R KIMS


Primary feature is Engine spike management which is also available on the 2008 Race ECU (can be switched off/on).

Most info says just retards ignition (note the 2 links below are hosted by Kawasaki so we can assume they approve the information therein)



 however one says:

'KIMS limits wheel spin by employing the following systems and responses: ignition spark from the coils is retarded, fuel supply from both upper and lower injectors is simultaneously balanced, and sub throttle valves are closed. Additionally, if the exhaust device control valve is fully open, it will also be closed accordingly.'


2008 Race ECU allows these settings:

  • Select Rev Spike Control” [Use: 0 / Not Use :1 ] : Set the rev spike control.
  • Rev Spike Control Sensitivity [1 - 10 ] : Regulate the sensitivity of rev spike control.
  • Rev Spike Control Retard Level [1 - 10 ] : Regulate the retard level of rev spike control.