1991 Honda NS1

Engine: AC08E


  • HONDA NSR50 (FNO.AC10-1000001-1699999)
  • HONDA NS-1
  • HONDA NS50 F (FNO/AC08-1300001-)
Clutch: ebc ck1150
Genuine Honda CRM50 NSR50 Clutch cover gasket 11393-GAA-000

Mirrors Honda part no: 88110-GAA-010, NZ$85 each, replaced by part no: 88120-GE3-760

Disc not available even from Japan. 

Is this the part no?: 


45121-GT4-710 DISK, FR. BRAKE $167.75

Kitaco do a larger floating one for the NSF100 that is compatible? 500-1418800, And perhaps a non floating 500-1418890

Note the chassis no came up on Honda parts system as a 1991.